1. N. Cunna

    I like the INTENSE , i will order it next time i don’t expect EMS ,Please ship it via DHL as i make the next order


  2. J. Braiker

    Excellent quality filler. Works well and has lidocaine, so the numbing is nice.

    Restylane LidocaineRestylane Lidocaine

  3. A. Single

    just wanted to say that i love this company. I had to wait quite awhile because the post took so long to get my product to me. When i asked about it . They e mailed back asap with all the information i needed. Very professional company.
    Many thanks

    High quality botoxHigh quality botox

  4. S. Cernise

    Great product!!! Will return next time!


  5. S. Twaddle

    Rapid secure delivery to the U.K. and a safe, original product. Exceptional value when compared to the price of dermal fillers purchased through salons and cosmetic surgeons. Repeat customer and will definitely purchase through Forever-Inject again. Thank you

    Juvederm Ultra 4Juvederm Ultra 4

  6. J. Kiley

    The product arrived in time and was of good quality. Will buy again

    Original BotoxOriginal Botox

  7. G. Taubaldina

    Very good product!! I have been using it for a few years and have no problems at all.


  8. m. castanede

    I just wanted to tell other people interested in your products that they are FANTASTIC. I am so happy with the service. At first i thought they were like other web sites that say they can deliver on time and don’t.
    This is a very genuine site. There products are fantastic and the service is great.
    Keep up the good work


  9. A. Lyons

    Excellent secure delivery to the U.K. within 4 days.
    Looks like a quality product and will repost once its used and let you know how it works .


  10. w. davis

    Beautiful Reyoungel lol i love the product will do more and more business


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