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Product Name | Melanotan-1

Unit Size | 10mg/vial

Synonyms | Afamelanotide , Melanotan I , CUV1647 , NDP-MSH

Melanotan-1 (MT-1 , Afamelanotide ) is a synthetic super-potent derivative of its natural counterpart, alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone, one of a family of hormones that induce pigmentation in the body. According to information in the article, the authors previously demonstrated that MT-1 can induce tanning in human volunteers who are known to tan easily in response to sunlight. All previously reported clinical trials with MT-1 were performed with volunteers who were instructed to avoid sunlight and use sunscreens with a sun-protective factor rating of 30 on all skin sites exposed to the sun. The effect of MT-1 when combined with either sunlight or simulated UV-B radiation had not been tested.


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