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Botulinum Toxin – High Quality BOTOX
Strength: 150U, Package with Ice Pack
Safe and effective for anti aging
Mix 2~3ml Bacteriostatic Water per vial for BOTOX injection

BOTOX for the treatment of wrinkles, with millions of patients opting for this minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment: such as for reducing the look of glabellar lines, which are frown lines between the eyebrows, for treating crow’s feet around the eyes, and for correcting other facial wrinkles.

BOTOX actually has a wide range of medical uses

1 Use botox injections for treating muscular eye problems, such as blepharospasm, which is eyelid spasms, and strabismus, which is crossed eyes.
2 Use botox to treat cervical dystonia, which is associated with an abnormal head position and neck pain, and upper motor neuron syndrome, including cerebral palsy, as well as upper limb spasticity.
3 Botox treatments to help stroke patients with their symptoms, botox for migraines.
4 use Botox to treat bruxism, treat a wide variety of muscle-related diseases,treat depression by reducing the ability to frown.
5 Botox has also become popular as a treatment for hyperhidrosis ( botox for sweating ), which is excessive underarm sweatin.

53 reviews for High quality BOTOX 150IU

  1. Jennifer A. (verified owner)

    I have been with this company for years and will not shop anywhere else. I trust them completely. They excel at customer service and I love their products! I highly recommend!!!!!

  2. Jennifer A. (verified owner)

    I love their products and service!! They are top notch and I’m happy to have found them! I’ll be a forever customer!!!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product, fast working effect.

  4. Natalya (verified owner)

    Great quality Botox, fast shipping. Definitely will buy again.

  5. Jennifer A. (verified owner)

    I love this company. I will forever be a loyal customer. Their products and customer service is the BEST!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Très satisfaite du produit

  7. Fabienne D. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, nicy service. Good product in combination with botox

  8. Nathalie (verified owner)

    Always a quick &great service from you!

  9. Birgit (verified owner)

  10. V. Myers (verified owner)

    This particular product burned when injected. It was properly reconstituted with sterile normal saline solution. Still love this seller, but I can’t use this product because the burning is unbearable.

  11. N. Reese (verified owner)

    Used and quality good. Delivery very quick. Will buy again. Thank you

  12. Fabienne D. (verified owner)

    Very fast Delivery. Perfect service and Good quality of botox ! Pleased I found them ?

  13. Daniel (verified owner)

    Top quality as always

  14. julesrgarcia (verified owner)

    I’m always very pleased when I order. Communication is great, shipping is fast and product is excellent. Look forward to doing business again soon.

  15. H. Paterson (verified owner)

    Fantastic value product and gives me the results I’m looking for!
    Thank you

  16. Annabel A. (verified owner)

    Love this product, high quality and fast shipping..great customer service! Thank you

  17. V. Timchenko

    Very nice seller. Arrival in less than a week in FL via FEDEX. I recommend this seller

  18. R. Brosnikoff

    Amazing product, company, and service. Had previously ordered from a different company which lost my product. I was very skeptical.
    I received the product very quickly, it was packaged perfectly and was extremely discreet and even personalized. Very impressed! The product was exactly what I ordered, and results were fantastic. This company is the real deal! Will 100% buy again!

  19. M. Coltman

    I was very skeptical and cautious about the product, i e-mailed
    Back and forth with many questions about the company and the product. I was always getting prompt respond. So finally, after so many e-mails i decided to order. I used it and it WORKS GREAT! I am so happy that i can use this product without breaking my bank. Thank you for this apportinity. and , thanks for the Christmas gift

  20. I. Faskevich

    Exellent product. Works better than original Botox or Disport. You need some experience to find correct dosage because even if you use ordinary dose it still stronger. I had few cases that first effect comes in the evening of the same day. Really strong product!!!!

  21. J. Braiker

    Great product. You must know what you are doing when ordering. I use 2.5 dilution and that seems to be pretty strong. It kicks in at around day 2-3, whereas normally say 5 you can see results.

  22. A. Single

    just wanted to say that i love this company. I had to wait quite awhile because the post took so long to get my product to me. When i asked about it . They e mailed back asap with all the information i needed. Very professional company.
    Many thanks

  23. A. Megrath

    Great product. Thank you!

  24. N. James

    This company is fantastic and trustworthy. Well packaged. The products are fantastic and works brilliant. They keep you informed of shipping and you can track your parcel. Thank you forever inject. Highly recommended.

  25. M. Alves

    the 2nd time I buy this product … excellent quality, and this time delivered in a week, I’m really happy …..

  26. N. Belobaba

    Great quality product. Fast shipping. My package arrived in Canada in 3 days. Botox vials packed well; container keeps a low temperature. I am very satisfied with my purchase, will definitely buy again. Thanks.


    Hi, I also did not receive the product #8264. Checking EMS every day, it was not shipped since 01/10/2018. Heard High Quality Botox is very good, my concern is it could go bad when ice melts due to long time delivery.

    • Customer Service (store manager)

      Hi, Thanks for your review
      Cold weather is suitable for long transportation.
      We had keep to hurry the shipping company.
      Please kindly keep to wait for more days.
      We will reship to you for free if you don’t receive finally.
      Please feel free to contact us for further help.

  28. S. McCutcheon

    order bac water to mix and also purchase insulin syringe (Walmart)

  29. s. katerina

    hi guys, I havnt yet purchased this product. Can anyone tell me if this product (high quality botox) comes with Bacteriostatic Water? and how many needles do they provide. Do you like it better then the original botox?

  30. j. santiago

    Great quality product 5stars +++++ really fast delivery

  31. T. Sharpe

    just received item, very well packaged and travelled well. looking forward to using

  32. B. Brandon

    This product works great. It is legitimate Botox and works very well. I recommend mixing this with sterile saline as opposed to the water because the water will make it sting pretty bad upon injection. Other than that it’s a great product

  33. d. gatien

    4days arrive New Jersey… I started to use it… immediately ordered three bottles .. ,i like orange cap , working within 2days, powerful

  34. L. Mattinen

    Great business, fast response, very high quality, bought for years from here and hope to going forward

  35. E. Coyne

    Please disregard my last review, it is day 9 after injecting and I can not move the top half of my face, I dont know why it has took so long to work on me usually i get results after 1 or 2 days, I am so pleased with the results and how the upper part of my face is completley wrinkle free I am putting it down to delayed reaction lol Thank you so much I will be ordering a lot more from now on……

  36. B. Orabona

    I have bought large amounts of Botox 150 units and i can tell you it is a top quality product my customers love the results. My satisfaction of the product is great. Wrinkles gone happy clients.

  37. B. Dubief

    really very good !!

  38. J. Miranda

    Great doing business with quick delivery and the product has been very effective the representatives are easy to work with looking forward to continuing doing business with you Thank you June

  39. S. McCann

    i purchased dermal fillers and Botox thinking i would receive the brand in the image, however i have received a vial of powder, it has no label, no instructions, and the 2ml mixable water that comes with it has food/dirt on the label… i still dont know whether this is safe or not

    • customer service (store manager)

      Thanks for your feedback .The item come without label and instruction to help pass customs,wish you can understand.
      The botox is in high quality ,please don’t worry ,we had sold out for so much.
      By the way, please keep the botox into refrigerator before you use.

  40. T. Varallo

    This is the best Quality Botox and it’s at a great price I tell all my friends ans family this online store I am very satisfied customer

  41. A. Handley

    Wonderful product with great results. High quality stuff!!

  42. B. Orabona

    I am very happy with the high quality Botox. Great results and satisfied customers. Good pricing and fast delivery.Looking forward to future business.

  43. H. Brady

    Wow what more can I say. This product is Fantastic Better than B.T I used to buy from America. Its been 4 months now since I injected it myself, so here I am ordering more of this Magic. The results are hundred times better than any top Doctors I’ve used in UK over 15yrs. I’ve been a self injecting for 5 years now never go back to Docs. Love this Site

  44. L. mattinen


  45. R. MADEE

    Fast supply. Product is working perfect. I’ve checked on myself. Next day I’ve seen the result. Big thank you.

  46. L. Andersson

    Fast delivery to SWE,good quality botox. 5 stars

  47. s. hutchinson

    The item arrived cold to the UK – it was well packed and I was kept up to date as to where my parcel was in the delivery process- so that all was a good start. I have only used the product two days ago and I have not seen any results yet but I will update when the botox fully kicks in- so the star rating ispurely for delivery service so far.

  48. A. Panj

    The botox is very good quality for money . Instead of paying huge price for brand names i would recommend this as a cheaper alternative . Fast and reliable service !

  49. A. Nickly

    The package arrived to miami in 5 days without problems, and freezed. The ice was intact! Congratulations!

  50. w. davis

    very very happy with my order good shiping

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